Find the Truth for the iPhone 5 With Slide-Out Physical Keyboard Rumor

Yesterday, I read news about iPhone 5, which said that Apple had tested 3 iPhone 5 prototypes, with one slide-out keyboard model. I’m always interested in Apple products and looking forward to iPhone 5, so when this news appeared, I read it carefully.

At the beginning, I trusted this news because I saw an image which showed an iPhone with slide-out physical keyboard. As we all know, Apple never releases iPhone with slide-out keyboard and this photo seemed no trace of PS.

This article also mentioned that there would be no big difference between iPhone new generation and current iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 just promotes the battery life, faster CPU and there will be more RAM. And the iPhone 5 would have a higher pixel camera which will be 8-megapixel.

After this news broke out, many people expressed their opinions. Some people thought this may be an improvement for iPhone 5 but more people were dissatisfied with this design because they thought the idea of slide-out physical keyboard for iPhone was stupid. As a matter of fact, the new trait that iPhone 5 with a slide-out physical keyboard phone seems to be incongruous with Apple’s devotion. Apple always insists multi-touch functionality phone with on-screen virtual keyboards. Thus, I began to be suspicious of this news and wanted to prove whether this news was a fact or just a rumor.

My efforts were not in vain, I found some useful news on a website, which had published an article on November 19, 2010. It introduced a new attachment accessory for iPhone 4. The accessory is called Keyboard Buddy Case unveiled by BoxWave, which can turn your iPhone 4 into a slide-out keyboard phone. It provides a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and it matches iPhone perfectly, even the camera, volume rocker and other cut-outs. iphone 11 pro max

This keyboard buddy case includes a USB cable for charging. Its battery lasts for around 45 days. With this case, your iPhone 4 could be changed into the fashionable QWERTY keyboard phone and it will be easy to use. The number keys are separated from letter keys and this feature leaves out the troubles that some other sliding cases often have. When it is detached, your iPhone recovers to a graceful touch screen phone. But every coin has two sides. If you use this physical keyboard, you may lose all autocorrect functionality with iOS. And the bulk and weight of your iPhone 4 will be added.

I write this article because I want to prove that this news is a fake rumor and comfort other iPhone fans that you can forget this rumor and the stupid keyboards, our graceful and elegant iPhone won’t be changed

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