Good Reasons to Think of Second Citizenship

Nowadays, having more than one passport has become a trend because wealthy citizens now prefer to move to foreign countries either for studying or just for the sake of touring. Thus, mass migration is taking place in many countries. As a result of this, people are acquiring passports and citizenships of several countries. The national identity as well as the citizenship of the people is changing depending on the country he lives. Here, the concept of second citizenship or dual citizenship has emerged.

What is dual citizenship?

Second or dual citizenship is the buzzing word in the present society. By acquiring citizenships of two countries, one can enjoy the facilities and rights that the two countries offer. An individual can have the benefit of the both the countries. However, the legal rights and services of two countries might not match, but they might suit the system of dual citizenship. In the true sense, to become a second citizen means to acquire citizenships of two nations during the same phase. This gives the privilege to enjoy the legal rights of both the countries, along with other amenities that any other citizen of the respective countries get. Latvian citizenship by descent

How is dual citizenship helpful to people?

People heartily welcome this system of dual citizenship because of its benefits.

– Once a person becomes second citizen, he can get rid of any complex tax system or custom regulations.

– Apart from this, with a second passport, a person can enjoy travelling worldwide and seek border rules and legal rights of another country.

– Having a second citizen gives a person the privilege of experiencing a socio-economic condition of another country. Mostly, this condition is better than his residing country.

These are some of the simple reasons why this concept is gaining repute in the world market.

What is the need for dual citizenship?

Everyone likes to make his living standard and monetary condition better, and dual citizenship is the simplest way to do that. With this facility, one always get an alternative to shift to a new nation and reap the advantages of the facilities of that nation. However, the law of a country differs from that of the other and some country might have a set of strict laws for its citizens. Some countries often renew the citizenship at regular intervals. Here, by settling down in some new country, a person gets the time for renewing his passport in his first country so that he can enjoy the rights of that country.

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