Premium Text Messaging – Beware Before Hitting the Send Button

For most of us, text messaging has become a part of our everyday lives. Without a thought, we send hundreds, even thousands, of messages per month to friends and family members. Some of us even go as far as using a text to break up with our mate or text messaging our bosses to request a personal day rather than calling in. In many ways, text messaging has given most of us more control of how we communicate.

But just like every other seemingly simple, inexpensive concept/service, companies have figured out a way to reach deeper into the wallets of consumers. Similar to the 900 numbers of the telephone, Premium Text Messaging services charge consumers inflated unit rates. 문자발송

Using your phone to text for services such as dating, chatting, play-along gaming, getting news and information are all subject to premium text messaging terms and fees.

If you are not careful, by simply sending a text can automatically, and without you knowing, subscribe you to a service and charge you a healthy month subscription fee. To the surprise of many unsuspecting subscribers, they find that their text messaging bill has quadrupled. The cost for a single subscription can total as much as $30 per month. If you have no clue, in a month’s time, you could subscribe to countless services that can result in your cell phone bill totaling into the hundreds of dollars.

Premium text messaging services such as dating and chat lines are also subject to per text charges. Cost for these services can cost users from $1 to $3 per text. In this case, in a month’s time, your charges can easily total into the thousands of dollars, even for those of you that has an unlimited text messaging plan.

To avoid creating a potentially life long financial problem, it would be a good idea to do your homework before sending text messages. Finding information on premium text services is simple. Most premium text providers have 800 numbers and websites. There, you should be able to find information on charges, along with a description of services. If this information s not available, this should be a signal to avoid.

In the event that you decide to purchase a premium text service, be sure to know all there is to know about the terms and conditions. Be familiar with the cancellation policy and fees, if any, associated with it. To save headaches later, also learn the procedures of how to cancel your service.

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