Tips of Fat Burning and Muscle Building – 3 Effective Ways of Fat Burning and Muscle Building

In this article, I will write about endurance training. This article is more suitable for athletes who want to improve their endurance level. So what is endurance training? It is about to develop a good energy production system on your muscles so that you can make a certain movement repeatedly with fast pace and long timing without feeling tired. Endurance training can of course help to burn fat and build muscles.

We have few kinds of endurance training:
a) Aerobic endurance
b) Anaerobic endurance
c) Speed endurance
d) Strength endurance

Here, we will only discuss about aerobic and anaerobic endurance. mk677

a) Aerobic endurance can be trained by continuous and interval running. During aerobic training, our body will take in Oxygen to meet the demand of body intake.

* Short aerobic – 2 minutes to 8 minutes (lactic/aerobic)

* Medium aerobic – 8 minutes to 30 minutes (mainly aerobic)

* Long aerobic – 30 minutes + (aerobic)
In the meanwhile of doing aerobic endurance, it can help to burn your body fat and build your leg muscles slowly.

b) Anaerobic endurance can be trained by doing high intensity training (HIT) repeatedly with limited time for our body to recover. During anaerobic endurance, we need to put in maximum effort, so that our body works at the highest limit, and at that point of time, oxygen that we take in will not be enough to meet the demand of our body, hence, fat will start to burn at this moment to convert to energy which our body is strongly demanding at that moment.

* Short anaerobic – less than 25 seconds (mainly alactic)

* Medium anaerobic – 25 seconds to 60 seconds (mainly lactic)

* Long anaerobic – 60 seconds to 120 seconds (lactic +aerobic)

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